Swordfish subscriptions and pricing is super simple.
In order to be able to use Swordfish, you need to have both:

  1. An active subscription.
  2. Available credits.

Both subscriptions and credits renew each month or year depending on the type of subscription you purchase.

When are charges made?

Charges recur based on the subscription you purchase:

Monthly subscriptions are charged every month on the same day of the month.

Annual subscriptions are charged every year on the same day-month.
Each time a subscription starts/renews, a charge is made, an invoice is sent and credits are added.

When can I cancel a subscription?
Subscriptions can be canceled at ANY time. The subscription will stay active until the end of the billing cycle month/year. For example, if my monthly subscription renews on the 15th of each month and I cancel on the 10th of the month, my subscription will stay active until the 15th and cancel only after that.

Can I purchase two subscriptions?
No. Each account can only have one active subscription. Each time you purchase a subscription, it will automatically stop your previous subscription so there is no chance you get double charged.

Can I purchase a One-Time-Only subscription?
Basically you cannot. If you need a subscription for only a limited period, just cancel it before the next billing cycle month/year.